Monday, April 21, 2014

The Other Side of the Desk: A former recruiter’s perspective #15

Great Expectations of a Job Interview

Well I'm still waiting to hear back on whether I will move to the next interview round for the Employer Relations job that I had a phone interview for last week. 

In preparation for the interview, I was luckily able to connect to someone who worked in the position before. Unfortunately, this person trashed, and I mean TRASHED the hiring manager, and proceeded to tell me about how inflexible, demanding, and separatist the hiring manager was. It was a bit jarring to say the least, and while I appreciated the candor, it made me critical of this person's judgment and whether or not this might be the right position for me. None of these qualities in a supervisor were appealing and I'll admit, I was disheartened and worried.

Nonetheless, I still had the interview and it went well I think? I spoke with the hiring manager directly for about 50 minutes and it was definitely more of a conversational call than an interrogation, for which I was very grateful. The questions included a bunch of the standard stock about my knowledge about the school, what I could bring to the table, my goals, etc. I in turn asked some pointed questions about how the role came about, what the school's reputation is to employers, and why I would want to work there. 

I was not able to gather as much from the phone interview if there were any truths to the trash-talking former colleague, but here's hoping that I get moved onward in the process, and I can report back. I won't dive into it too much, but I find it so off-putting for anyone to be that candid about a job especially to a total stranger. 

There hasn't been movement otherwise in my search, and honestly, I am OK with that until I get through the next couple of weeks of school. I'm up to my eyeballs in work. Speaking of, my eyeballs need a rest, until next time job hunters!

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