Monday, April 14, 2014

The Other Side of the Desk: A former recruiter’s perspective #14

Pregnant with job possibilities

OK, so I'm not actually pregnant; however, with this being the 14th week of blogging, I googled the term "14 weeks" and low and behold, pregnancy was the top hit. So apparently, week 14 begins the second trimester, wherein babies begin to have more differentiated abilities such as face movements, and I suppose, just like a baby, my job search finally has some movement!

I won't go too deep into the details, but I have two potential job possibilities! The first coming from my pro-bono work at my institution's career center (see post #7), and the second is for a position I applied for online for as an Associate Director of Employer Relations at a comprehensive private, coeducational research university in the mid-atlantic region.  The first one happened on Friday, and the second one came in today; as they say, when it rains, it pours.

The first opportunity came about because of a recent departure of a team member so there's a lot up in the air as far as the details, but I met with my "supervisor" on Friday to catch up, and that's when the mention of the job came up. The career center as a whole is going through some structural changes, which might impact the exact nature of the role will look like, but hopefully here in the next few weeks, I can divulge more details.

I applied for the second job through a job board back in early March - and yes, this is proof positive that job boards aren't always black holes - and lo and behold, I was contacted today about the position. The one thing that I will say about the role is that because it's heavily focused on employer relations, which obviously is in the title, but I am debating whether I want a role that is in support of students, but doesn't exactly work with students. I will update on my thoughts for the next blog, but for now, I can do a happy dance for job hunting progress. Woo to the hoo!

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