Friday, April 25, 2014

The Beeline Broadcast, #16

Moving Forward

- I have a phone interview with a state school in New Hampshire for an academic advisor position. The interview is scheduled for next Friday, so I'll be sure to provide an update for next week's blog.

- Something else is happening that I'm not allowed to talk about because a "cone of silence" has descended upon this opportunity. I remember wondering why last year's grads were so secretive about the job process, and now I completely understand why. Hopefully I can talk more about this opportunity in the coming weeks. I'm probably pushing the "sworn to secrecy" bit by even alluding to it, but I want to provide a real representation of the job process, and secret stuff is part of it.

- There's an anticipated opening for an academic advisory position at one of the schools that I currently intern at. I'm in this weird situation where I want to voice interest in it (and the Dean is probably wondering why I haven't), but I have already committed to this super secret opportunity, and I don't want to voice interest for one position and then turn around and get hired for another. I think it's more complicated because I'm an employee and not a random person, so I'm a little more vested when I decide to throw my name into the gauntlet. I can't wait for the cone of silence to finally rise so I can have an honest conversation with the Dean regarding my silence about the anticipated opening.

I hope everyone is having luck with their job search! One of my cohort members just got hired for a residence director position, so things are truly happening.

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