Monday, May 19, 2014

The Other Side of the Desk: A former recruiter’s perspective #19

Yes, No, Maybe

Another week gone by, and I still am no closer with good news on the job front, surprise surprise.I did however receive the lovely news that I could potentially be unemployed by July, thanks to a revelation from HR. The sitch is that despite being hired for a 12-month graduate assistantship from August to August, since I am graduating they technically term my status at the end of June...awesome. I did have a reassuring conversation with my supervisor that she would look into it and find a way to keep me at least until August, but yeah, the frying pan is heating up. I'm trying to keep my cool as I have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to; however, my dwindling funds in my bank account will only last me so long, so something has to give, like yesterday.

I have lined up a couple new positions that I intend to apply for this week, one in study abroad and the other in alumni relations. The study abroad job sounds the most exciting; it's more of a coordinator position working remotely with resident directors at various study abroad sites and providing assistance with the logistical and programmatic needs. While it definitely seems interesting, something tells me that this position probably requires some late nights and early mornings with the time difference. I'll give it a shot anyhow and see what happens with it.

Lastly, the internal opportunity form my pro-bono work at my institution's career center is moving at a glacial pace, but movement nonetheless. The latest is that they are moving forward with posting a position that will backfill the responsibilities of the recently departed team member I mentioned back in post #14. Problem is that since it's a full-time position, they have to do a full out search, so that will delay things certainly be a while, and not to mention actually having to compete for the position. It's a headache, but will be worthwhile if I'm able to have the satisfaction of something full time in the end. Fingers crossed. Why can't it be just like in elementary school where if you liked someone, you wrote them a note with the boxes: yes, no, or maybe? Blargh.

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