Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Beeline Broadcast, #17

Forever Jinxed

Let's talk about how much I wanted to throttle every one of my family members on the morning of my phone interview. 

Just a little back story: After undergrad, I made the decision to move back in with my family to save money while pursuing my Master's degree. When accommodating their schedules, I planned my phone interview for a time when no one would be home. The interview was for 11am. 

Let's do a roll call:

- 9:12am My sister calls because she's sick at school and needs someone to pick her up. Upon arrival she is immediately sequestered in a room with threats of complete silence or else.

- 10:15am Unbeknownst to me, my brother has a doctor's appointment. He and my mother leave the house. I'm slightly annoyed because I had planned to do a little "out loud practicing" beforehand.

- 10:22am My other brother pulls into the driveway. I should mention that he drives a utility van that has an engine loud enough to warrant a noise ordinance. He sets the dogs off. He wants to take the dogs to the gas station. I chase him out of the house. I almost feel badly about it.

- 11:00am I sit and wait. I wait some more. At 11:45am I call it quits. I send an email (which was our initial point of contact) expressing my concern. Hours later I receive a reply. The contact person explains that she didn't receive my email response confirming the appointment, and she left for vacation the next day and only returned this morning. She apologizes and requests a time to reschedule the appointment.

To be perfectly honest, I was very upset. I’m not trying to discredit this college or anything like that, but I had taken time off of work, rearranged my appointments with students, and really prepared for an interview that never happened. It felt like a horrible waste of time. I know that things happen, but it was such an inconvenience! 

Now I must leave you all in suspense, because my response to this email was dictated by that super secret thing that I can’t quite talk about yet. 

But yeah, I’m 0-2 with this interview thing.

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