Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Beeline Broadcast, #6

Making The Right Life Choice

Lately I’ve heard a whole lot of opinions about the job search. Normally I would find these perspectives really helpful. After all, it’s nice to have a bit of guidance with this thing I’ve never done before. I can use all the tips I can get! Then I started to realize that people were offering me conflicting insights, and suddenly I felt very confused.

My topic this week definitely overlaps with my fellow blogger's topic from last week. Should you love your first position? Or should you focus on practicalities like location and income? There are so many different views on the topic.

A) SUPERVISOR: "I would do anything to work at a state school. If an opportunity turns up, take it. Get your foot in the door. Don’t feel as though you have enough student contact? Adjunct. You can make the position, especially if it's an entirely new one." 

B) COHORT MEMBER: "If it's the right fit, I don't care about location." 

C) SIGNIFICANT OTHER: "You shouldn't settle for something you dislike. You shouldn't feel pressured into doing something that you really aren't interested in just for the sake of a job.”

Clearly each person is coming from a very different place. I think, especially with the first job, I may be in for some sacrifices. I have to figure out my priorities, whether it’s location, wage, or job criterion. I have to ask myself questions like: Can I be happy doing the perfect job in a faraway place? Would I be happier settling for a job that I’m semi-interested in and is closer to my family? Should I seek a job in FinAid because it's better paying? I'm trying not to let the advice of others sway me too much. A lot of people want to help me answer these questions, but at the end of the day only I can truly answer them.

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