Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Beeline Broadcast, #5

February Job Search: Why It's Good to Be Type A

I'm the type of person that needs to feel organized. I deal with stress by making to-do lists and setting due dates for myself. I basically micromanage my life until I feel I have some sort of control.

I'm sure this sounds really unhealthy.

Anyway, here’s how I'm micromanaging my job search:


I had job applications floating everywhere. I had apps tossed on my desk, hidden in the file cabinet at my internship, sitting in the printer at my assistantship, stuck between pages of my textbooks, and so on. Now I just throw them in this handy file folder. When I’m feeling especially organized, the apps are ordered in the date that I applied for the job.


I’m sure there are better ways to build a directory, but I rely on an email draft with a list of websites that direct me to job listings. The directory is really nice when I have a spare minute at work and can quickly run through the list to view new postings.

One of my classmates asked which jobs I applied to, and then she quickly added, “only if you’re comfortable saying.” I am totally not like that, so if you’re searching in the Connecticut or Massachusetts region, may these links help you too!


I don't remember who told me this, but Excel is an excellent way to organize yourself during the job search. It's a helpful way to remember which positions you applied to and when the closing date was. It’s also nice to compare information (region, position, institution, pay grade, etc.).


Note: Based on my conversations with other members of my cohort (and their conversations with their mentors), it’s super early in the job search. I wouldn’t panic if you don’t have a carefully constructed Excel sheet tracking your every movement. Like the post states, I’m super Type A (and probably a maniac). These tips may be helpful for you in, oh, a month or two.

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